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T'ai Chi Chu'uan with Harriet Devlin

Harriet Devlin was born in Hong Kong and was taught T’ai Chi Chu’uan by her mother Gerda Geddes, who was the first European to teach T’ai Chi Chu’uan in Britain. Harriet later studied with Chinese masters Choy Kam Man and Da Liu in America and Taiwan and has been teaching T’ai Chi Chu’uan for over 40 years.  

Harriet teaches the 108 movement Yang Style Long Form of the T’ai Chi Chu’uan, as well as Chi Kung exercises. The understanding of ‘the Form’ has many levels- it is not just a physical exercise, or a martial art, or meditation in movement – though it is all of these. The Form itself holds many stories from Chinese mythology and history as well as being a vehicle for an appreciation of the Tao – or the Way – of Taoism. The three parts of the Form also describe an allegorical journey through life. Harriet’s classes contain all of these- with the aim of ‘Being still as a mountain and moving like a great river' 


New weekly classes will start in January.  The cost for all classes is £10 per session, they are suitable for all ages and abilities.  Harriet would love to meet you at:


Murrayfield Parish Church Hall

2b Ormidale Terrace

Edinburgh EH12 6EQ

Wednesday mornings

11 - 12 am  All abilities

Starts 10th January


Other lessons and locations around Murrayfield will be added through 2024.  I will endeavour to get them up on the website as I get them sorted, but if I have been a bit slow updating the website and you have heard of another class not up here, feel free to get in touch using the contact details below for more information.

Why not come along to a class to find out what it is all about, or for any other information get in touch with the contact details below.

Shiatsu with Harriet

Shiatsu man.gif

Harriet also teaches SHIATSU, a Japanese form of massage, better known as acupressure, after studying in America and Japan in the 1970’s. Shiatsu is practised on mats on the floor and is deeply relaxing. Participants are fully clothed, and the massage is undertaken with the thumbs, hands and elbows.   A sequence of massage for the front, back, neck and head will be learned.  Shiatsu is pleasant both to receive and to give. It is suitable for all ages but is not appropriate for those with chest problems or arthritis.

I am not currently running classes in Shiatsu, but hope to resume soon.  If interested in an individual session don't hesitate to get in touch.


From Resistance Agent to Tai Chi Pioneer

A FREE talk on the remarkable story of Gerda Geddes, the woman who brought Tai Chi to the UK, by her daughter Harriet Devlin/Geddes

Date:  Tuesday 9th January 6-7pm

Venue: The Upper Room, Murrayfield Church. EH12 6EO

Contact Me

07912 023123

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